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IDA’s Continuing Dental Education (CDE) programmes are designed to offer ongoing education which is intrinsic to deliver high quality dental and oral health care services. The primary objective of IDA’s CDE programme is not just to update the clinical knowledge of dental graduates and practitioners, but also to exercise the degree of care and improve treatment methods that will be beneficial the patients. The Primary Objective of IDA CDE Programmes is to:

  1. Review existing dental treatment concepts
  2. Earn credit points
  3. Gather practical knowledge on how to use latest tools and equipments
  4. Understand business practices
  5. Learn how to expand your professional practice
  6. Acquire certification

IDA tries it best to achieve its objectives by conducting CDE Programmes across the country throughout the year. The various CDE Programmes hosted are as follows:

  1. National series of CDE Programme
    Programme is held at different locations across India and is a joint venture of IDA’s Head Office and its local branch. The programme generally spans from 1 to 3 days
  2. FDI World Dental Federation IDA CDE Programme
    Held across major Indian cities annually, FDI-IDA CDE is a collaborative continuing dental education programme that provides participants with knowledge on wide range of topics related to dentistry. The programme spans for two days with FDI-selected international speakers contributing and sharing the same podium with their Indian counterparts.
  3. International CDE Programme
    IDA's International CDE Programme provides an opportunity to dental students and practitioners across the country to get international learning experience in collaboration with national and international organisations, associations and dental experts. The ultimate objective of IDA's International CDE programme is to offer international learning exposure to Indian dental students and professionals, thus significantly reducing the cost, time and effort. International CDE programme brings together eminent speakers via its networks from across the globe to speak on specialized dental concerns and issues.


Indian Dental Association (IDA) aims to develop future practitioners and provide dental care par excellence via optimal oral health care.

IDA CDE programme's immediate goals are to:

  1. Review and update dentists via CE courses
  2. Improve the knowledge, skills and ability of the individual to deliver the highest quality of service to the public and profession
  3. Incorporate current knowledge into the practice of dentistry
  4. Create receptivity to changing ideas and techniques
  5. To motivate and assist young men and women in preparing and establishing themselves in the practice of dentistry in order to improve access to care in rural areas
  6. Provide course material developed by experts and adopt peer-review process.
  7. Establish a premier educational programme at IDA that will merit broad recognition from the surrounding community as well as from within the academic dental education establishment.

Long-term goals:

  1. Improve the quality of CDE programmes through self-evaluation
  2. To enrich past dental educational experiences
  3. Promote uniformity of standards for CDE
  4. Encourage understanding of the ethical and legal issues affecting the practice of dentistryEnsure courses cover a wide range of relevant topics.
  5. Develop lifelong habits of study, education

To sum-up, we promote the science and art of dentistry for the betterment of oral health, to enhance the knowledge and skills of the dental practitioner by providing the intellectual stimulation that comes from a well-developed education programme, and encourage dental research.

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